Saturday, February 19, 2011

RaNdOm TiDbItS

My friend Donna ( writes a blog and on Fridays she does bulleted pieces called Fragmented Fridays, an idea from, with little tidbits from the week. I like this idea and am going to steal it, with her permission pending.
Some things popped up this week that I didn't turn into a full rant (of course).
Of note:
  • I found a silk shirt in Hubby's clothes pile. I haven't seen a silk shirt since I was in middle school. Is that even socially appropriate? I guessed not and told him that.
  • What's the next best sign of Spring after flowers peeping through the grass? My grill emerged from a snow pile this week! It was a welcomed visitor.
  • I finished my book, The Virgin Widow, about Lady Anne Neville. It was a great love story. I'm currently weighing my options as to what to read next-the pile of options is high! I jumped into Little Bee last night but am not sure if I will stick with it yet or not. 
  • Wednesday brought the much anticipated new season of Survivor! Who else is watching so I can stockpile peeps to discuss with?
  • I had a cousins party tonight and honed some of my new domestic skills. Tonight's menu was appetizers and desserts because they create the perfect meal balance in the world I roll in. For apps I made: spinach squares, sweet and sour meatballs, and pizza rolls. For dessert I made: chocolate mint cookies, white chocolate Oreo truffles, and muddy buddies (clearly more for me than anyone else).
  • I waged war with Best Buy and their "installation Geek Squad" this week. Such a long story but if you ever consider getting a car starter installed by them, contact me and I will give you an earful to prep you.
  • Work was a little tragic this week. I had to take Wednesday off just to catch up on sleep and regain some energy. I decided a walk outside was just what the Dr ordered and the fresh air was wonderful. I took pics so it might turn into its own rant. Then I went to Framingham Bakery for some of the best pizza on Earth. The next day on FB, a debate over the Framingham Bakery Pizza hype popped up. I defended it to the death. If they shipped, I would totally include a link so the rad readers that appeared from Indonesia and Singapore this week could get in on the goodness. I feel guilty having all the pleasure for myself.
  • Thanks for reading!
  • PS-how great are the Old Spice commercials??????

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  1. I'm glad you're going to do "fragment" posts like this. I think they're fun!
    That's funny about your husband's silk shirt. Hee hee. How come you don't write book reviews on Goodreads? I'd love to see what you're reading on there.