Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Interesting things in my Inbox today

Going through my Yahoo email today, I got a couple noteworthy offers.
The first was from Amazon, telling me that Nutella is on sale. How do they know I love Nutella? Has word spread so far and wide?
Just a few below that, today's Groupon or Buy with me or Living Social deal (yes, I get them all) offered an hour long  "boudoir photo" session. Being the Golden Girls and Roseanne fan that I am, I drew to mind the time that Blanche convinced Rose to pose for a naughty picture for Miles and she thought wearing a flannel nightgown would be sexy. Roseanne posed for one for Dan, too.
I guess it's appropriate timing for a Valentine's Day gift but WHO REALLY DOES THAT???? Just the idea makes me simultaneously feel creeped out by the person behind the camera and makes me crack a smile at the ridiculousness of it. Who takes themselves so seriously and thinks they are that awesome? And where do you hang that picture when it's all printed out....your foyer?

1 comment:

  1. Wouldn't that be funny? You KNOW that's what Patrick wants for Valentine's Day.