Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A Love/Hate Relationship with Pants

Why do pants feel comfy standing up but tight sitting down? If I bought them bigger, they would be too baggy when I was standing. Why do they show my socks when I sit? When I am standing, they are touching the floor! I feel duped. (Hate)
On the other hand, I let Hubby name our kitten (Love) and he chose the name Panthro, inspired by the Thundercats. It just doesn't roll off the tongue. Try it and I'm sure you will agree. We have nicknamed his Pants, in part because of his long legs and a tail that is always curled over  his back, exposing areas that would nicely be covered by a pair of pants. The kitten is a little naughty and jumps on places and things that my other beloved, old lady cat, Stella, would never even think of disturbing. As a result, I find myself yelling for him to get down from the counter or the sink or my leg a lot. Only after a few months of such hollering did Hubby point out that the neighbors often loudly hear me yelling "No Pants!!" or "Pants, down!!" or, worst in my opinion, "Pants, off!". They much think I am a pretty aggressive wife!

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