Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Because the picture link hates me, I will tell you about novacaine and Sex and the City 2

Novacaine is such a mixed blessing. I am certain my day would have been infinitely worse if I didn't get any but, as it is, I have been incapacitated for about 4 hours now. I'm hungry but I might eat my own face. I have found a way to keep my sanity by applying lip gloss.
I bet Hubby wishes he were coaching a game tonight so he could take advantage of my limited capacity to speak. As it is, I have all sorts of interesting converstaions to have and I guess it's making me a better listener but it's killing my inner chatter box!!
While I wait to eat and talk, I am watching Sex and the City 2 for the first time. In terms of cinemetography and class, this ranks extremely low. The characters, which I only became familiar with via TBS, are clearly charicatures now. It does, however, bring up some interesting questions especiallly related to the middle place between dating and children, as well as the concept of "strong women".
Beyond the deep thoughts, it made me think of my upcoming 4 girl travel posse and inpsired me to write the following email to my companions:
im watching sex and the city 2 for the first time. when i saw their terrace, it reminded me of the view c sent out last week. as a result, i have decided we, in addition to jersey shore personas, need to adopt sex and the city roles. d has no choice but to be samantha, as the most single sexin' it up one. unfortunately, i think i might have to be miranda or charlotte. ok, i will admit i hate charlotte but i think i am neurotic and puritanical enough to fit the bill. id be happy to be voted into a different role, though. s is super smart so she could be the non ginger miranda. c, as the leader of the gang, you get to be the lovely ms carrie bradshaw! thoughts?

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