Wednesday, February 16, 2011


My friend just posted on Facebook how her son was playing with a Barbie and ripped her head off within two minutes. I immediately posted back "remember how i had that barbie head that haunted all the other barbies?". Even as I was typing it and recalling that haunting Barbie head, I realized that's not how most little girls 'played Barbies'. While everyone else was dressing their dolls in cute outfits, I was trying to horrify mine.
My Barbies were always really promiscuous, too. At least they all wanted to win Ken. Usually 'Kayla', the Barbie with red, curly hair was his preferred date. I never had much use for Skipper or even all the accessories, although the pink convertible was a must.

I wonder if anyone has done a solid study of the correlation between Barbie play and behavior later in life. I went to school long enough to understand play therapy but I want hard core stats on Barbie, in particular.

As a kid, I never played house or babies or anything. I made up clubs where I got to be in leadership positions and I really dug this antique typewriter in the front hall. Indicative? I think so.

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