Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Weighty Issues

I usually only weigh myself at the gym on the same scale on the same night each week. This week when I went in the locker room, all they had was the real, move the weights by hand scale, not the digital one that I like. The guy at the front desk told me that the digital ones can be off by as much as 5 lbs but that's what they use on "I used to be Fat" on MTV and it has always seemed to keep me happy. I recognize that a problem might lie within that happiness.
So at last night's weigh in, I was 3 lbs heavier than I usually am. Is this the Muddy Buddy issue rearing it's ugly head again?? Or does that scale need to be recalibrated? 
I don't know the correct answer so I am going to take matters into my own hands and buy me a scale. I hate the idea of spending a minimum of $20 for something that might ruin my day sometimes but I  need a consistant, reliable measure.
There's some good news that comes out of all of this, though. I most often do my grocery shopping after said gym trip on Monday nights. The tragic weigh in convinced me to buy some healthier than normal foods such as Arnold's double protien bread (which I slathered with my natural, fresh ground peanut butter) and I have to say, after having just finished it as a snack that it was a thumbs up experience, all around!! 


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