Saturday, February 5, 2011

A Very Exciting Day

I got home at almost 2am after a 5.5 hour movie marathon with a group of lovely ladies from church, all of whom can prepare the most amazing foods. There was handmade caramel popcorn, fabulous mint brownies, a bunch of dips, even homemade flan!! I ate so much that I honestly had a dream that I got stretch marks on my stomach. But that was just the start to A Very Exciting Day....
Normally I don't work on Saturdays but today was an exception. I planned my whole day around my afternoon commitment to work. I got more than half way there, 11 miles to be exact, when I got a call that the thing I was going in for was now off. Being very close the best running shoe store in the state, I decided to shop instead, since I was already all the way out there. No parking.
Now having been bitten by an unquenched shopping bug, I went on a 4 store spree. I ended up with a yellow trash can for my new sunshiny bathroom, mod podge for a new project idea, and (put on your Bob Barker voice here) A NEW CHAIR!! Clearly, a picture will follow because I am pretty sure I am in love with it.
After 4 stores, 1 broken candle holder that I felt super guilty about, and a chair I didn't set out to purchase, I was exhausted. I hate to say it was against my better judgment to visit my grandmother in the hospital because horns might grow out from where a headband should go but that's where it all went downhill. Literally. As I tried to drive down the hill of the hospital driveway, it was so icy that, in order to avoid sliding into oncoming traffic, I steered into a snowbank. Inches from hitting the stop sign, I was officially stuck in the pile of snow.
Hubby didn't answer his phone. Brother didn't answer his phone. Not sure if we have AAA anymore. The only people who stopped to ask if I was OK were women in compact cars like my own. With one excellent former male bridesmaid on the way to my rescue, three angelic men in a truck stopped and pushed me out!!!!! I wanted so badly to thank them but I only had $8 in my wallet (and that's actually a fortune for me to carry in cash). I felt so silly but I shoved it in one of their shirt pockets and encouraged them to go to Dunkin Donuts while I continued to thank them. HOORAY!!!!
On top of all this, while I have been writing this, I just saw a TV ad for Secret Millionaire coming back the first week in March. And yes, even the promo made me teary. Set your DVRs, folks. This is paying it forward at it's best.
To conclude, I hope your day was also Very Exciting, minus the downhill part.

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