Sunday, February 6, 2011

Happy Superbowl and yay for tonight's creations

So I know some people don't believe you should watch or party for the Superbowl but  I am not among them. I took today as a good opportunity to spend some qt with some people i don't, normally. I also took it as an opportunity to boost my level of domesticity (one of the things I am aspiring toward). I found some great recipes on a fun blog I just discovered this week: Our Best Bites. I made pizza rolls, muddy buddies, Oreo truffles, and sweet and sour meatballs. I think the most notable thing is that Hubby liked and consumed all four things!!! That's huge as I am the world's pickiest eater second only to Hubby. Good friends came over and brought all sorts of other yum including chicken fingers, chicken wings, homemade salsa and some very attractive stuffed jalapenos that were far too exotic for my MAC glossed lips.

I paid very little attention to "The Game". I know that the team I wanted to win won. I only wanted them based on my distaste for the other team for the legal, moral, and ethical indiscretions of one of their players (pretend you just heard me clear my throat here). I wasn't even wowed by the commercials, although I in a game my friend created I chose Snickers as "My Ad" and I was blown away by the way Snickers knows my heart. I don't even like Snickers, really. I am not a nut person so Milky Way is more my speed but Snickers won me over last year with their feature of the amazing Ms. Betty White. As we all know, Golden Girls is my favorite show of all time. However, those near and dear to me know that I also own the entire series of Roseanne and, prior to my Golden Girls obsession, Rosie helped me to sleep each night and greeted me each morning. How much more amazing could Snickers be after tonight featuring Roseanne?!?! Thank you!!!!!

Again, pictures to follow. I am really good at taking them but not so good at taking them off the camera.


  1. It's funny that you mention the "Our Best Bites" blog because just yesterday I found some notes where I had written that blog down and wrote a note to myself to check it out.
    I'm the same way--good at taking pictures but I don't take them off my camera until the end of the month usually.
    I love Snickers and Milky Ways! Esp. Milky Way Midnights, they are so good.

  2. I love our best bites too... they have a Brazilian lemonade recipe... it is SO good! Though I peel the lime before blending, just trial and error for me, i found it to be too bitter the other way...

  3. They are coming out with a book, too!