Thursday, February 24, 2011

Video Killed the Radio Star

The name of this blog is "Apiring to the Middle" for a reason. I'm not trying to set any world records but small goals are a good time. Again, inspired my my friend Donna ( *, I have decided to try cutting myself off from a small amount of technology. Donna is pretty brave; she is going Facebook free for a whole month. I won't be going that far! I am not going to listen to the radio in the car for a week.
Day Two: I started this goal on Tuesday on my way home for work for no real reason but noticed it was peaceful. It's easier not to have music on the way home, when I have a lot to think about and decompress from the day. It brought about a nice tone for the evening. It was a little harder in the morning. I don't think as well pre-11am.
It's interesting where my mind wanders to. I also find that I have been humming hymns. I am no not the kind of person who naturally hums hymns so I am really struck that it happened for the first two days.
I will admit, I listened to my ipod at work, so it's not like I am music free. I really just did it to drown out a loud woman in the next room who I am pretty sure didn't plan for her words to reach my ears. It's a little different, though, because my mind isn't free to roam at work anyway, right?
Keep you posted!
Day Three: Last night to fill the void, I talked on the phone most of the way home. I got lost on my way home from the city a little bit so my ride was like an hour-that's a lot of quiet!
This morning, on the third day, I was dying! I tried to notice pretty details about houses and stuff but I wanted the radio so bad. I was seriously driven to distraction. I can't make other people shut off their radios for my goal so I might let Hubby drive tonight for our date.
More to come!

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  1. Yay! I think these little life experiments are fun. I've been finding that at first the change is easy because it's something novel but then it gets harder as time goes on, which it seems like you're finding is the case. Looking forward to reading about the rest of it!